Synclavier II restoration and upgrade

Page 5 of a pictorial record of the restoration of a Sync II in June 2005


Step 23.
Before we go any further, we test that the power supplies and the main CPU are functioning as they should. For this purpose we use the HOP (Hand Operated Processor) box to run diagnostics and to trap errors.

The box can be seen on the left with the red LED indicators, looking like something out of a James Bond film of the '70s. The trouble I had getting this box into Israel a few years back when I flew there would fill a short novel.



Step 23a.
This is the diagnostic screen read out during a soak test. This can be left running indefinitely and will log any errors found during testing.



Step 24.

With the test running we turn to the disk drives. The drive on the left is the original Sync II drive which will have to be discarded for the upgrade we are doing.



Step 24a
This is the later Superfloppy Drive which we will be using to replace the old floppy for this upgrade.

Step 25.
Since this is the deluxe upgrade we will be replacing the external drive cases with the later model Synclavier rack-mount drive unit. This takes the Superfloppy and a half height SCSI Winchester Drive

Step 26.
The 110V power supply on the right will be removed to be replaced by a new 240V unit. We will make new looms and replace the power connector as it had no earth connection.

Step 27.
And here is the drive tray with the floppy installed, the new PSU, the power looms, the floppy cabling, and the SCSI cabling installed.
We also fitted the reset loom for the reset switch which we shall mount on the front panel.
Step 28.
The shiny new red reset button installed in centre of the drive tray front panel. The Winchester drive has yet to be fitted.
Step 29.
New runners are fitted to slide the drive tray on.
Step 30.
The drive tray is slid into place. It is then connected to the main CPU rack floppy interface card and SCSI card.


Next we will instal the FM voices.

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We will update the pictures regularly until the upgrade is complete.

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