Synclavier II restoration and upgrade  

A pictorial record of the restoration of a Sync II by Synclavier Europe
The system was transferred from it's original small blue flight case into a larger drive pod case used originally with the Direct-To-Disk system. This allows us to fit the later computer bin which is deeper, and the extra parts to upgrade the system to the later spec of Mono Sampling, MIDI, SCSI, Superfloppy, Model D processor, VPK keyboard and 220V operation for worldwide usage.

Step 1
Take a Drive Pod and remove drives and mounting racks
No other company restores Synclavier II's as fully as Synclavier Europe, (despite what they may claim), We restore with pride and care using genuine parts and offering a Synclavier warranty.
Accept no substitutes.
We have been supplying and servicing Synclaviers for 18 years.
Step 2.
Remove 110V power supplies and fans
Step 3
Clean and treat 15 years worth of dust dirt and sweat.
Note the aluminium lining and the earth safety straps fitted by us.
Synclavier Europe was commissioned to provide a custom portable Synclavier to provide specialist sound for the epic movie Batman Begins
Synclavier Europe performed a similar upgrade to this one for the supergroup Coldplay. The machine was used on their new album using sounds provided by us.
Step 4.
The original Sync II (pronounced Sink 2)sitting on top of the drive pod ready to have it's parts stripped
Step 4a
This picture clearly shows the extra depth of the later flight case.
Amongst the late Maurice Gibb's effects was one of the first Sync II's ever built. We restored this to its original glory - with no modifications other than converting it to 240V. This is now for sale. Contact us for details. Now happily sold to a new good home

Step 5
THis upgrade will include the later VPK Keyboard. It will replace the earlier ORK keyboard (shown in picture).

Some purists insist on keeping the earlier Original Keyboard for authenticity.

For this upgrade, we will set the ORK to one side.



We are now ready to build our new Synclavier

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We will update the pictures daily until the upgrade is complete.

If you wish to purchase a fully restored Synclavier with a full warranty, please e-mail us at    


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