Synclavier II restoration and upgrade

Page 4 of a pictorial record of the restoration of a Sync II in June 2005


Step 17.
The original Sync II linear PSU.
This is not capable of being converted to 220V and is not powerful enough for the later revision components we are fitting.



Step 18.
Replace original linear PSU with higher rated unit that can be converted to 220V operation. (Shown in 110V configuration). Standing next to the old PSU shows how much more power the new PSU will be giving us.

Step 19.

A new 50A Switched Mode PSU is mounted on a panel and looms are made for mains and DC voltage.



Step 20. We will need to keep those PSUs cool while we test the unit. This is the old 110V fan panel complete with remains of 10 year old gaffer tape around the right hand fan.

Step 21
Here is the restored fan panel with 220V fans.

Step 22
And finally here are the panels fitted in place and we are ready for power up.


Next we will instal the FM voices and run diagnostics.

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We will update the pictures daily until the upgrade is complete.

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