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The following software programs allow any Synclavier with a terminal port to be used with a Mac computer. This software enables the Mac to replace the earlier DEC and Monterey Pericom terminals.

NEDStartup For Pre-PPC Macs

Termulator For PPC up to OS/9

Termulator For early OS/X
(requires Keyspan USB-Serial port adaptor)

TermulatorX 5.2 for Mac OS X 10.4 Or Later
(requires Keyspan USB-Serial port adaptor)

TermulatorX PDF Documentation

Keyspan USA-28X Twin Serial Adapter

OSX software for PPC Processor Systems - Direct from Cameron Jones.

Interchange X standalone for Mac OS/X Intel and G5/G4/G3

Synclavier X for Mac OS/X Intel and G5/G4/G3 (includes Interchange X)

Note: OS/X software is supplied direct from Camerona Jones and the license purchase is in no way connected to Synclavier European Services. We provide this link for your convenience.



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