Release 4.0.1 Notes

January 1. 1997



About This Document


This Document describes the  features of  Release 4.0.1 Software.


Bug fixes and enhancements were made in the following areas;


                                           Support of Tahiti - IV Magneto Optical Disk

                                           Better file selection capability in FORMCOPY

                                           A 'Delete' Option in FORMCOPY

                                           Portamento bug fix

                                           Ability to abort Poly memory SHUFFLE and COLLECT

                                           Speeded up L-Page NORMALIZE, VOLUME, and MIX functions

                                           Added L-Page MODULATE function

                                           Monitor enhancements to show  megabytes

                                           More thorough store-and-recall of Audio Event Editor setups

                                           Simplified 'capture' of most recent keyboard note

                                           L-Page typing bug fixed






Tahiti - IV


  The Tahiti - IV Magneto Optical Disk Drive is now supported as both a W1:, and as a replacement for a 12 - inch WORM.  The cost savings are dramatic, not to mention the portability and reliability factors!!!


The Tahiti - IV can hold the entire contents of a 12" WORM  on a 5.25" media.


Changes were made to FORMCOPY, OPREPAIR, OPLIST and SYN-4.01 to support this drive.




  FORMCOPY - several enhancements were made to FORMCOPY to simplify various file management tasks.  First of all, the file selection process was enhanced to make it easy to select all of the files of a certain type  (e.g. sound files, patch files, timbre files ).

The goal is to make it easier to select all of the files of a certain type (for example: all of the patch files to back them up to floppy.)


Secondly, a 'DELETE' option was added to make it easier to delete sound files, patches, and timbres from the hard disk.  By combining the two features, it is now easier to do such tasks as 'delete all sound files from this subcatalog' or 'move all my patches from this subcatalog to that subcatalog, while leaving the sound files where they are'.


Changes were made to FORMCOPY, OPREPAIR, OPLIST and SYN-4.01 to support this drive.




  Portamento - The starting pitch value for a portamento glide is now correct and controllable as portamento is switched on and off with the foot switch (or with the button panel)




   The poly memory functions SHUFFLE and COLLECT activated from the B and R pages can now be interrupted by the VPK 'STOP' button, or by a break command from the Mac (CTRL + Space).  Additionally, they are animated in both the VPK window and on the terminal.




   L - Page NORMALIZE, VOLUME and MIX have been speeded up considerably (by about a factor of 3). What used to take 45 seconds now takes about 17 seconds.




   L - Page MODULATE command was added.  This command performs a multiplication of two digitized signals.  The effects are somewhat unpredictable, but may well be useful in sound design situations.  Modulation tends to create lots of high frequencies and can reduce signal levels, so you will probably want to NORMALIZE both before and after the MODULATE command.

Spectrally speaking, the MODULATE function produces and output file whose frequency content equals the sum and the difference of all of the input frequencies.


Capture Last Keyboard Note Shortcut


  Typing a value of XX into the pitch field of the Q - Page Events Editor panel, substitutes the value of the last note played on the VPK keyboard.


L - Page Input Bug Fix


  The L - Page now allows longer fields to be typed when entering sound file times and cross fade lengths. This bug showed up when working with large sound files.