Technical Documentation

Creating Optical Image Files (HTML)

Synclavier Manual Vol. 1 - PostPro

Synclavier Manual Vol. 2 - Sound Design

Synclavier Manual Vol. 3 - Reference

MixMap manual

OMS MIDI guide

Digital STM guide

The Original SES PCI upgrade brochure (HTML)

*Where are the Technical Manuals?*
The simple answer is that there were no service or technical manuals produced for the Synclavier. Because the NED designed ABLE processor and the system software were used by NASA and the US Secret Services, prior to the fall of the Berlin wall every customer had to sign an agreement that prevented the machine ever being sold to countries on the US list of unfriendly countries (mainly communist countries). The US government had to be notified of every machine sale outside the USA and no technical information was allowed to be released. This is no longer a problem now the East and the West are friends once again, but it means there was no documentation produced in a releasable form.

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