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STOP PRESS: Now shipping Release 5.2 software for Synclavier Audio System.

Includes full multi platform file exchange support and introduces the new format Interchange 2.5 which enables 'Mac' style file management

What's New In InterChange™?

InterChange™ includes some important new features for this release.
InterChange™ 1.5 now includes native support for AIFF, SoundDesigner® II, and .WAVE soundfiles located on your Macintosh. These sound files can be easily exported to a Synclavier™ hard drive or disk image file. Additionally, Synclavier™ sound files can automatically be converted to AIFF, SoundDesigner® II, or .WAVE format as they are imported to your Macintosh.

InterChange™ 2.5 also has many new features, including its ability to;
- easily navigate multiple disk image files located anywhere on your Macintosh or it's Local Area Network.
- rename files, create subcatalogs and copy files and subcatalogs between disk image files and Synclavier™ hard drives.
- easily change the InterChange™ setup using Macintosh Drag-and-Drop.
- browse, rename files and delete files from optical image files and media.
- copy sound files from optical media or optical image files to a Synclavier™ hard drive or disk image file.
- quickly and easily change the current optical platter using Macintosh Drag and Drop.
For full details of Release 5.2 software in pdf. format click here

NOTE: To fully use all the facilities available in 5.2 software you need the PCi processor upgrade. Contact us here for full details and current pricing.

What's Coming Up?

Our big development push will be to complete a modern user interface and mechanism for the management of Synclavier™ sound files, sequences and timbre libraries. This mechanism will include 32-character soundfile names plus the ability to directly call up Macintosh-resident soundfiles to the keyboard.
The Find... functions in InterChange™ will be completed.
The support for AIFF, SoundDesigner® II and .WAVE soundfiles will be migrated from InterChange™ 1.5 to InterChange™ 2.5.

Storage Update Information

Hard Drives: From Seagate Technology we can announce special edition Synclavier Storage Devices. These have special firmware to run in all applications with the Synclavier audio system with no modifications required. They even come pre-formatted to the Synclavier audio system specification. These drives are built to a much higher specification than standard SCSI drives and contain the full SCSI command set and parity recognition firmware. These drives are particularly suitable for users who never power down their systems as the mtbf is extremely high (although we do recommend 'sleeping' disks overnight).
Back Up Drives: We are currently running tests on reliability and speeed of using a single M.O drive to back up projects in place of the existing DATA DAT drives. We will keep you updated on our results.

Optical Drives: M.O. drives are recommended to all users who are still using the old style 'big blue' optical drives as these drives can no longer be supported. We can transfer your sound lib data to the new format.

For Sale: We also sell new and refurbished Synclavier systems with full warranty. Call for details and prices, these systems are still in strong demand so details change weekly.

Contact: Our contact numbers remain the same and we have easy to remember numbers and e-mail address all following the '500 SOUND' format.

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