What's Happening In The Synclavier Workshop?

We aim to keep you up to date with work in our new Synclavier workshop with pictures.


Above is a 9600 undergoing a 240V conversion from 110V. The front door is removed and the powersupply mounts are removed leaving the rear of the card racks exposed.
A major task as the PSU's are extrememly heavy and they mount from the rear of the large supporting plates. The entire front half has to be dissassembled.
There are also 100s of connections that have to be made correctly if we do not wish to have indoor pyrotechnics. There is serious power going through one of these beasts.

A new project being undertaken. A PPSD rebuild in June 2005.
This is a Synclavier 3200 and a Direct-To-Disk PostPro in one tower
We will add a pictorial step by step record of this resoration. See also Synclavier II restoration here

The two pictures show the power supplies and the drives behind the front door.
A total of 5 very high power Switched Mode and 3 Linear PSUs. (One PSU and 8 drives have been removed prior to the picture)

A custom PSMT/PP undergoing diagnostic test.

The PSMT/PP real-time audio soak test

This unit contains 112 voices plus 16 D-T-D tracks
That's a total of 232 Military grade 100Khz DACs + 16 FM voices!

A 9600 in the process of being installed into a custom air-conditioned enclosure

A Synclavier II is upgraded from the small case (on top) to the larger flight case variant (underneath). This conversion was performed for Coldplay to be used on their newly released album X+Y and enables us to instal later upgrade options.

A newly restored ORK (Original Keyboard) installed in a newly built studio

Synclaviers queuing up to be lovingly overhauled and installed in new homes for another 10 years of dedicated hard work

Keyboards queuing to be lavished with care.

The relaxing view from our studio

A word of thanks from Benny Andersson that was much appreciated
An owners machine being custom built (parts provided by us)
The machine fully rebuilt

More will be added


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