Synclavier® PowerPC™ is a complete conversion of the Synclavier® software to a PowerPC-based Macintosh computer.


     A Macintosh application named Synclavier® PowerPC™ runs on the Macintosh and creates a computer environment that mimics the computer inside the Synclavier.


     Our new custom PCI hardware interface will enable this computer environment to access voice cards, Poly RAM, and the other hardware modules within the Synclavier tower via one high speed cable link.


     The end result of this effort will be an integrated PowerPC-based Synclavier that can also blend seamlessly into a networked Macintosh environment while maintaining complete compatibility with the original Synclavier hardware. The best of both worlds!


How does Synclavier® PowerPC™ work?


     Synclavier® PowerPC™ 1.0 is a Macintosh application program and associated hardware modules that provide for Macintosh-native operation of the complete Synclavier Real Time Software.


     A PCI-processor interface card installs in the PCI slot of your PowerPC based Macintosh computer. This interface card communicates with your existing Synclavier voice cards and hardware modules using a high-speed multi-conductor twisted-pair cable and an adapter board in your Synclavier tower.


     The end result is a seamless integration of the Synclavier software into an operating environment that runs in native mode on your Macintosh's PowerPC processor.


What does all this mean for you?


       Load sound files directly from a Macintosh hard drive or computer network into PolyRAM.


       The ability to us Mac style file management to help you organise and manage sound and data files stored on your Synclavier.


       Run EditView™ and AutoConform on any Macintosh that is networked to your host computer.


       Run multiple copies of EditView™ at the same time, for example at an edit station and a mix station simultaneously.


       Boot directly from you Macintosh hard drive and eliminate the use of  5-1/4" floppies.


       Realise significantly reduced boot times.


       Notice vastly faster screen drawing on all Synclavier screens, including the G-Screen, Recorder Display, the L-Screen Sample-to-Memory Editor, and the Audio Event Editor.


       Achieve vastly faster editing of sound files using the L-Screen Sample-to-Memory Editor.


       Develop whole new ways of working with your Synclavier that are faster, easier, and more productive. And maybe even fun!


       Preview and edit sequences completely off line with your lap-top during that morning commute, or long haul flight.


       Future compatibility with other third party based hardware and software tools.


       An unbelievable speed increase!


   Finally the Synclavier takes a quantum leap into the Millennium


One thing that won't change about your Synclavier is it's sound. You might possibly notice more accurate and crisper rhythms, especially on 64 and 96 voice systems. Real-time effects should be performed more accurately without bogging down the system. Vibrato will be cleaner in complex sequences.

But the sound of the voice cards themselves will be identical.


So when will all of this be available and what will it cost?


Synclavier®PowerPC™ and the PCI interface hardware is available now,  and will be priced at  £3,995 per upgrade kit for all orders before the end of 1999. Every effort is being made to make this the single most powerful upgrade ever, for the least amount of money.

In addition to the upgrade kit a subscription to our software update program is required for operation.

Those who are not yet signed up and wish to join, should contact Synclavier European Services immediately.




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