Googlism for: synclavier. (Google extracts quotes from sites using the word Synclavier)
synclavier is easy to use
synclavier is something like the rolls
synclavier is a prime example
synclavier is back
synclavier is a right hand brain machine
synclavier is more of a linear track
synclavier is a pretty deep box
synclavier is no longer manufactured
synclavier is een vergruizer en een vergrijzer
synclavier is a mystery for me
synclavier is "pure"
synclavier is that i can imagine rhythms that human beings have difficulty contemplating
synclavier is capable of doing so much
synclavier is one of the earliest digital synthesizers
synclavier is capable of
synclavier is the most awesome
synclavier is a player piano
synclavier is operated like
synclavier is a device which records
synclavier is a wonderfully sophisticated and flexible tool
synclavier is that you have the sampler
synclavier is enerzijds zo ijl en esoterisch als een steelguitar in een hogedrukpan
synclavier is mi slechts een andere
synclavier is on thing
synclavier is unique in the way it combines music
synclavier is a tascam da
synclavier is the main tool utilized
synclavier is rendkvl drga cucc volt
synclavier is one of chris boyes' favourite pieces of equipment
synclavier is equivalent to five to six man
synclavier is available today in 8
synclavier is much faster now it's run from the mac
synclavier is 50khz
synclavier is great fun
synclavier is what's responsible for 'that sound' on the yes recording "owner of the
synclavier is many synclavier is ideal for making filmsoundtracks
synclavier is a moneymaker because it does the moneymaking stuff in a moneymaking fashion
synclavier is the answer
synclavier is big computer type but
synclavier is incredibly sophisticated
synclavier is an anxious gold colt out of sterling apollo
synclavier is one possible machine
synclavier is the >greatest
synclavier is the greatest
synclavier is the first
synclavier is used as an extension of the orchestra
synclavier is a sequencer
synclavier is a start
synclavier is really great
synclavier is also located there
An informative article about the history of digital synths and samplers esp. Synclavier
A well written and informative recent article from videosystems.com
We are now so well known we get an Encyclopeadia entry
Synclavier inspiring live creative genius as far back as 1979 - picture and article
An article on how the Synclavier revolutionised the sound for picture industry (and still does today)
How the Synclavier came to be the unexpected hit of the X-Files
An interview with Pat Methany and his Synclavier
An interesting theory class interview with Pete Townshend
A Howard Shore Synclavier film music review
Interesting article/biog from Michael Jackson's ex Synclavier programmer
The Vintage Synth Explorer
An Analysis of Frank Zappa's Synclavier use, includes MIDI files
Synclavier users review from Harmony Central
Pictures of custom guitar for John McLaughlin
Read the review then go see a Sync II at Audio Playground Museum in Orlando, Florida
An interview with Frank Zapper entitled 'The Sin in Synclavier'
Magazine article from 1985 about John McLaughlin's use of Synclavier
A negative review of the Synclavier f
followed by:
Users voicing their rep[ies to the review (including the person who bought the machine from the negative owner)
A review of Frank Zappa's Synclavier tracks
An interview with Simon Franglen about using Synclavier for the Titanic score
A logo designed for Synclavier in 1994 (but never used - current logo's were designed by Steve Hills)
A large picture of a Japanese advert for Synclavier - late 1980's

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