Synclavier MegaMusic Sound Library

NOTE: These libraries are available to users who have previously purchased the Synclavier Sound Libraries otherwise contact us for details.



Do these points sound familiar?


1. You are an established Synclavier owner.

2. Over the years you have purchased all the Synclavier music sound libraries.

3. You have a large collection of timbre patches scattered about your hard drive. When you eventually find one you like you then need to search for the correct optical. 

4. You often find yourself in the situation where you cannot remember which optical a particular string patch that you used once and particularly liked came from.

5. You know you have the perfect sound in your collection, but finding it takes too long so you settle for what you can find quickly.

6. You have sounds you purchased but you never received a timbre patch for.  Your time is far too valuable to sit around constructing A-Page patches, thinking of an ideal name other than 'drum 151 patch',  then forming odd shaped patterns with your hands in order to save them with the keyboard buttons to a file called .newdata that you have to create a special

sub-catalog for.

7. You know that whenever you receive new sound libraries you also find you get stacks of inspiration from them. But you can’t remember how many years it has been since you last received a new Synclavier library.

8. You want a system where you can find the sounds fast and easily all from one page just by clicking on the name of the timbre A-Page and instantly having a new set of 64 patches on your screen ready for auditioning, then clicking once more and having a complete new set of 64 timbres.

9. You have the samples for an unusual instrument, but are not sure of the note range or the playing style or even what the instrument looks like.


If any of these points sound familiar, then we have the perfect solution for your needs.


The Synclavier™ MegaMusic Library.



The Synclavier™ MegaMusic Library  consists of a separate external drive unit that connects to the SCSI port of your Apple computer. If you do not have a SCSI port then you we can supply a SCSI adaptor that will fit a PCI slot.


This drive contains the sound libraries Synclavier released on optical (you already purchased the license for each of these, we are transferring them into one place for you) and the libraries that were released on hard drive, tape and floppy disk right back to the first days. It also contains a vast selection of Synclavier owners’ sounds, a collection of contemporary sound libraries and what we call our ‘Masterclass’ collection. In total over 16,000 sound files in one place!

The library will include the following;



This is a collection of every instrument from around the world we could find, including rare, exotic, ancient, religious and

original classical instruments which were the ancestors of the modern day classical orchestra instruments.

We have gathered together in one place an authority on musical instruments, each instrument includes (where applicable);

- it’s entire range of notes - useful for composing on an unfamiliar instrument.

- individual notes.

- Unusual or alternative forms of playing - such as overblowing, muting, plucking/bowing etc.

- A professional playing each instrument in it’s traditional way for reference.

- A short snip of the instrument being played for fast reference.

- Where applicable the instrument being played in different bands/orchestras for reference

- Copious notes on each instrument in the caption section of the sound file. List the Masterclass on the ‘B-Page’ or with Transfermation and you can read details and facts while you audition the sounds.

Please note: - This extensive work is for reference only. The work contains musical passages that are copyright protected by the performers so cannot be included in any work you undertake but are extremely useful as reference when composing or when a particular style is called for, and in this format, like a database, instruments can be searched for and auditioned fast without having to disturb your working pattern.



The original reason for creating this sound library was with the request of Synclavier owners who had purchased all the available Synclavier sound libraries asking if it was possible to have all the sounds collected together in one place and organised in a way to make them much easier to find. Until recently this wasn't possible, and then when we had the capability of using larger drives we still had the problem of the archaic way of storing and recalling timbre pages. It was hard work using the 'D-Page' to navigate and many timbres would be long lost and forgotten lurking at the bottom of a long chain of sub-catalogs. However, now it is possible to store timbres by name rather than by the filename '.NEWDATA'  and we have the ability to stay on the 'A-Page' and find all our timbres using a separate page alongside the 'A-Page', and just by clicking on the filename, all 64 timbres instantly appear in the ‘A-Page’ display ready to be selected. Clicking on a file called 'Syn-pads1'  makes searching a lot easier than clicking on 50 files all called '.NEWDATA'.

Then we thought to ourselves, why stop there? Why not include the wealth of sounds we had collected over the years and new libraries that were available.


One advantage of this sound library (if you regularly use Synclavier sound libraries) is that you can recall any sequence you have made in the past and know that the sound will be in this library. If you also used sounds that you created yourself, then you would recall the sequence loading all soundfiles that were present on the Synclavier MEGAMusic Library, and then you would insert the optical that had the missing sound files and reload the sequence so that all files were in memory. Then you re-configure the Synclavier MEGAMusic Library as your main optical (an easy mouse option now - no re-booting or complications) and from the R-PAGE select 'STORE POLY MEMORY'. Any new files would then be written to this drive (space permitting) and would always be available in future, any existing files would be ignored so would not be rewritten.

We also spent over 12 months re-categorising and re-captioning all the sound files in this library so the library is extremely well structured and organised - over 16,000 sound files in total!




For the last ten years we have been collecting sound files from Synclavier users around the world. This started of as a ‘chain’ optical which we passed to users and asked them to add sounds and in return take sounds from other users. This proved very successful and includes some of the highest quality samples available today.  We include this impressive

collection on the Synclavier MEGAMusic Library. The samples cover all aspects of the music spectrum from instruments, to synths, to complete drum kits recorded at 100khz in a specially built room with an individual mic for each drum, to pads for film and picture work, to instruments played in unusual ways and non musical objects recorded to sound like they are musical. You name it - someone tried it and it’s probably here. We even include here for the first time anywhere the complete personal library of one very prominent Synclavier owner.



Included is a vast collection of choirs of many types, from wailing nuns to Tibetan warriors, from full Welsh male choir to Monks in cloisters and electronic ethereal and heavenly choirs all represented here.



An enormous (2Gb!) collection of synths and synth pads ideal for music, film and picture work is included. We all have our favourite few sounds from each synth module we own, so to save space we sample our favourite patches from each synth. Combine this with all the other users favourite sounds and what we end up with is a 'greatest hits'  selection of synth patches. Something to please everyone here.



Plenty of vocal sounds, exclamations, words and sound effects to throw into your personal works of art.



Alongside the traditional recorded instruments and vocals is an up to date collection of contemporary sounds, pads and up to the minute drum loops of all current genre’s of music. Over 400 long drum loops all catagorised and captioned with description and bpm to make you work faster and easier, long atmospheric pads, and a collection of Sci-Fi and Horror




Things that don't have a specific heading but can always be useful one day.


There is plenty more, in fact there is so much it will take months to go through everything.  We will supply all the standard patches from the original libraries and also patches created by users. Due to the enormous amount of sounds on the library  the supply of new patches will be an ongoing operation.  We will supply additional patches on a monthly basis, we feel this would be more constructive than trying to give all patches in one go as it would be too overwhelming. Each month you get new inspiration!


This is not just the Synclavier sound libraries copied to one drive, this represents a years work collecting old and new sounds and organising them to make your Synclavier work in a way it has never been possible to do before


We look forward to helping you be more creative.


For ordering details E-mail us.